WEEXT DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, is a real estate development, property rental, and brokerage firm. With the varied real estate needs of every Filipino, WEEXT envisions itself to be the total solutions provider. The company takes pride in its ability to build and provide quality yet affordable and sustainable homes and spaces, whether it may be used for living, leasing and/or leisure. Currently, the company is focused on the areas of Makati and Cavite.

Having a dynamic and driven team, with diverse backgrounds, WEEXT applies its knowledge of the market and neighborhood trends to identify and acquire real estate areas that have substantial appreciation potential for acquisition and development.

- We can build, lease, sell – your one stop source for your real estate needs.

Contact Us:
Makati City
AMJ Residence Inn
Contact : 7515154

Cavite City
Destello Tagaytay
Contact : 09272783298/ 0464047597